Keeping Records
Keeping accurate records is critical in devloping your line of American singers.  
Your records need not be fancy.  While computerized data bases can be
purchased most breeders keep their records quite successfully on paper.

The most basic form of necessary data is that which records the activities of each
mated pair.  You'll want to keep track of their band numbers, clutch histories
and offspring.

Then for quick reference, most breeders keep a roster of hatches for the year
showing band numbers of the offpring, hatch dates and their parentage.

We have provided PDF versions of these two main record forms below.  Click on
the hypertext to obtain the record you want.  Store them by year in a Three-Ring
Binder and you'll have all the information you need to keep track of your canary
breeding activities.

PAIR HISTORY -- Provides spaces to record all pertinent info about a specific
mated pair.

HATCH ROSTER -- Provides spaces to record all necessary data about your